Ceyda Ateş told about herself

In her latest interview, the star of the series “Child” talked a little about herself. As it turned out, she is a very energetic person and does not like to sit back, she does something all the time. For example, she takes acting lessons, or draws pictures (she wants to make an exhibition of her works in the future), she is a professional horsewoman.

The hardest thing for Ceyda is to be away from her husband. Bugra Toplusoy, who has a business in the United States, comes to Turkey every three months. However, she feels the distance and misses him very much. But it was their joint decision, her husband agreed for the sake of her career. By the way, Ceyda does not consider herself sexy. And indeed, this aspect is not very interesting for her, the main thing is what kind of person, and not how he looks.

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