Burak Deniz and Ozcan Deniz in the series King / Kral

The viewers who were expecting when Burak Deniz and Ozcan Deniz return to the screens received a double surprise. Actors will work together in the same series!

After the series Our Story / , many fans were eagerly awaiting the return of Burak Deniz to the screens. Alas, his contract with producer Timur Savсi, who was preparing the Boss / project, was disrupted after the Show TV channel considered the series too expensive to produce. And finally, the good news came. Burak Deniz returns in a new series for the ATV channel.

T Company and DNZ film have begun work on a new series for the ATV channel, produced by Ozcan Deniz. Recall that Ozcan is not only a talented actor (he recently completed his work in the series “Evermore” / Istanbulu Gelin), but also a director, scriptwriter and producer. And he will work in the new television season as a producer. For quite a long time, he writes the script for the new TV series King / Kral, based on the real story of his own uncle. Mafia, godfathers, revenge and other attributes of a good Turkish show will certainly be present in the plot.

Earlier it was reported that Ozcan Deniz was in talks with Barış Arduç. However, the actor declined the offer. But Burak Deniz accepted to star in the series. It will be him who will become the protagonist of the show, which will be released in February next year on ATV. The director and the female co-star of Burak are not yet known. It is also not yet known whether Ozcan Deniz will star in the series, or he will only work as a screenwriter and producer.

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Who will become the co-star of Burak Deniz in the new project? Will we see the duet of Burak and Ozcan? Will the new series win the hearts of the audience? We will learn about all this very soon.

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