What happened to the face of Beren Saat?

On December 27, will release the first season of the show The Atiye / , in which viewers will again see one of the most beloved and popular Turkish actresses Beren Saat. In the teaser of the series, which was released by the Internet platform, we saw a new, matured Beren. Many viewers were perplexed by the face of the actress, they were accustomed to a young beauty and when they saw a matured star, they immediately started talking about poor skin and tired face.

According to the Posta newspaper, Beren Saat refused to “embellish” herself on the screen. In some scenes of the series Atiye / The Gift, the actress starred without any makeup. The fans of the actress wonder why she looks mature but aging processes are also natural. Some actors are trying to slow down this process, while others accept themselves as they are and do not try to mask age. Beren seemed to prefer the second option. From now on, we will have to get used to the new look of a star who is not afraid to getting older gracefully.

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