Can Yaman’s career hangs in the balance

Have passions around Can Yaman cooled? Can the actor continue his film career in Turkey? What will he do in the coming year? We found out about the plans of the star!

Can Yaman became one of the most discussed actors in Turkey in 2019. However, alas, often this discussion was not positive, but negative. The actor was criticized for his looks, and for his too active PR company, and for the unsuccessful statements in the press that offended his colleagues. A series of scandals that Turkish tabloids helpfully inflated, fueling interest not so much in the actor as in themselves, led to the fact that the series Duty of Life was postponed until the fall.

It is not yet clear whether the project will take place at all and whether Can Yaman will star in it. The fate of the actor will be decided not by an international audience, but by Turkish viewers. But they are still rather unfriendly. Producer Faruk Turgut, who will be doing the new show of the actor, has so far forbidden Can to communicate with the press. So Can decided to go to Brazil, and he will spend the New Year holidays in Bucharest (Romania).

At the airport, the actor was noticed by journalists who tried to make him talk about the famous “libido,” but the actor chose to get away with the wishes of easy work and left the danger zone. As it became known, Can will join the army on January 6, and in early February he will leave Turkey to take part in the Italian reality show Survivor.

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Will unhealthy excitement around Can Yaman calm down? Will producer Faruk Turgut be able to start work on a new series in September, as promised? Will the project be successful in Turkey? We’ll know it in the new year 2020.

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