Did Kubilay Aka and Miray Daner reconcile?

Turkish journalists are famous for their  imagination and the desire to invent a romantic relationship of the stars, especially when circumstances allow this to be done. Earlier this week, they announced that Miray Daner and Kubilay Aka had reconciled. But is this really so?

According to the program of TV channel D 2. Sayfa Kubilay Aka could not stand the separation from Miray Daner and still begged the girl for forgiveness. Recall that in August, the lovers broke up after an unpleasant incident with the alleged betrayal of Kubilay, who was noticed in the company of Hilal Altinbilek, and the young man’s hand was lower than the waist of the actress. Although Kubilay tried to justify himself by saying that he and Hilal had the same manager, and they were just friends, but that did not help.

According to journalists, Miray and Kubilay finally reconciled quite recently and began to live together again. Young people live in a villa in Zekeriyaköy, the rental price of which is 11 thousand Turkish lira per month. In order not to catch the eye of the paparazzi, the couple arranged a disco right on the first floor and invites friends home to parties.

However, there were some losses. Miray is very offended by manager of Kubilay Ufuk Ergin, who actually discovered the actor, making him a star. She believes that it was because of the agent that Kubilay became close to Hilal Altinbilek. She demanded that Kubilay change his agent, as she does not want her boyfriend to continue to be in the same agency as “a homewrecker” and the young man agreed. He has already unfollowed Ufuk on Instagram.

The story that journalists composed is worthy of a Turkish series. However, alas, it turned out to be a fiction. Kubilay Aka, whom the journalists noticed in the Bebek district, said that he really broke up with his manager. However, this has nothing to do with his personal life. He does not confuse love and work. He and Miray are still on friendly terms, but there is no question of renewing love, and the whole story in the press is simply fiction. There was no reconciliation.

Alas, this time the fantasies of the Turkish paparazzi crashed into the harsh truth of life. Young people broke up and went their separate ways in life. Most likely, there will be no reconciliation.

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