Ayaklı Gazete 2019 ceremony winners

Ayaklı Gazete 2019 ceremony winners

Ayaklı Gazete 2019 ceremony winners

The award ceremony of the Ayaklı Gazete online publication, that took place on Monday evening, gathered many stars of Turkish show business. What films, series and actors were recognized as the best last year?

As a rule, awards in Turkey are not given by professionals and do not have much weight in the world of show business. However, this is perhaps the only opportunity for actors to appear at an official event and chat with colleagues, in addition to premieres of films and TV shows. Therefore, they go to the awards a lot and willingly, giving pleasure to their fans.

On Monday, January 13, the award ceremony of the Ayaklı Gazete online publication was held. It was attended by many Turkish stars. The film Miracle in the seventh chamber / Yedinci Kopuştaki Mucize was recognized as the most successful movie of the past year. It also received awards for the best movie actor and the best actress. Aras Bulut İynemli and Deniz Baysal attended the ceremony. Aras even sang a duet with the famous singer Haluk Levent.

Reporters recognized Miraculous Doctor / Mucize Doktor as the best series. The lead actor of the show Taner Ölmez was named the best actor of Turkish series 2019.  Özge Özpirincçi (TV series Woman / Kadin) became the best actress. The best serial couple of the year 2019 is Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin. As you know, the actors starred in the TV series Hercai, which is being shot in Mardin, so they could not attend the event in person.

TV series of channel D Love for show / Afili Aşk received awards as the best romantic comedy. Its stars Burcu Özberk and Çağlar Ertuğrul were recognized as the best comedian actress and actor. True, Çağlar preferred to simply take the award and leave, without even thanking the organizers of the ceremony, that caused a wave of indignation on social networks. Users called him ungrateful. In response, Çağlar put words of gratitude in his Instastories.

The series Hakan Muhafiz / The Protector received the award as the best online show of the past year. Its stars Ayça Ayşin Turan and Çağatay Ulusoy were named the best actress and actor of the digital platform. Ayça attended the ceremony in person and looked stunning in a red suit. But Çağatay Ulusoy by tradition, did not come for the award. The actor has long neglected Turkish awards and has not appeared on the ceremonies in recent years.

Despite the lack of high status of Turkish awards, the actors and creators of the series are surely pleased to receive recognition for their work.

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