Coronavirus destroyed Can Yaman’s plans

The coronavirus epidemic is disrupting plans and changing the future. Can Yaman, who had to cancel his trip to Italy, had learned from experience.

According to Turkish media, signed a contract to rent an apartment in Italy, where he wanted to spend some time away from the Turkish paparazzi, but the coronavirus epidemic changed the actor’s plans. The idea of ​​living in Italy had to be abandoned.

Recall that the Italian government decided to close all public places, including theaters, cinemas, stadiums, etc. countrywide. From now on, the Pope will be giving out his blessing on TV. Currently, 15 million Italians are in the quarantine zone, that is, a quarter of the country’s population.

Looks like the actor will have to stay in Turkey, where he’s being hunted down. Paparazzi follow each step of the star, hoping for another sensation.

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