The Protector is the most popular Turkish Netflix series

TV Time

TV Time

The largest website in the world about TV series, TV Time (12 million registered users) provided data on the shows that are currently on the rise. The Turkish series Hakan Muhafiz / is in 4th position. Thus it repeated its previous result. Recall that the series was in 6th place among the  TV shows on the rise according to TV Time and the series The Gift in 9th place. Thus, the Protector has maintained its leading position as Netflix’s main hit at the moment.

Project director Umut Aral posted the following message on his Twitter account: “#1 in Turkey, #5 in Saudia Arabia, #7 in Romania & Germany, #9 in France just in 3 days. Thank you for your interest and support to The Protector. The team put a great effort to make S3 the best. So excited and happy to see that its worth it.”

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