Turkish stars quarantined

Turkish stars quarantined

Turkish stars quarantined

As the number of Coronavirus cases in Turkey began to increase rapidly, many celebrities took additional safety measures.

and his wife Başak Dizer decided to take their own measures, escaping from civilization in a house in Kemerburgaz. For 2 weeks now they have been staying in the forest and communicate with the world only by telephone. The couple does not accept anyone, prefers to watch movies, take care of their animals and enjoy each other.

Following the example of his friend Kıvanç, Çağatay Ulusoy also chose to stay in his villa with a garden in Zekeriyaköy in the company of his beloved Duygu Sarışın. Çağatay spends time gardening, composing music and working on the script for his film. Duygu Sarışın is busy preparing healthy food. The couple refuses to accept guests for obvious reasons.

Hazal Kaya, Ali Atay and little Fikret Ali Atay remain in their house in Zekeriyaköy. Note that Hazal was one of the first stars to encourage compatriots to stay home and not risk their health.

The Turkish press publishes a warning of and Fahriye Evcen “stay home”, as well as the gratitude of the Turkish Minister of Health for their civic responsibility. However, Burak himself is forced to work as the shooting of the Ottoman series is still ongoing, despite the warning of the unions about the danger to which the film crews are exposed.

What will be next? Can the world overcome the consequences of what is happening right before our eyes. What will happen to the Turkish show business and the actors who are involved in it? We can only follow the development of events.


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