Hazal Kaya told about her son

The Turkish press has already begun to study the last interview of Hazal Kaya and even gave the big headings like “Hazal’s shocking revelations.” However, there is nothing particularly shocking there.

According to Hazal, on April 2 during the filming of the series Our Story / Bizim Hikaye, she was very dizzy. And she got so sick, she had to go to the hospital. Of course, she was very scared, thinking that she was seriously ill, but as a result, a blood test showed that it was a pregnancy.

But what really surprises her and even shocks her is the baby’s reaction. If he does not like some music, then Fiko begins to cry and be capricious, they have to change the track. The first time was when he was in the mom’s belly. Hearing the track he didn’t like, he kicked Hazal hard, thereby expressing his attitude to music. Obviously, the baby understands perfectly what he wants and knows how to express his feelings.

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