Hazal Kaya: ‘I am deeply in love with Ali’

Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay

Hazal Kaya and

Hazal Kaya admitted that for the first time she was officially introduced to at the gala-final of the series Leyla and Majnun, she really liked him, but he did not pay attention to her. Then the second time they met at a friend’s birthday party, and again she really liked him, she drank a little and tried to take the initiative, said “sit next to me.” And again nothing happened. The third time, he invited her as an actress to read the script. She came to his house and stayed that night. The wedding, the birth of the child, everything was there. She came and stayed forever, never left his house. In general, she is a very simple person. When she drinks a little, she begins to confess her love for Ali. At this moment, he becomes a little ashamed of his wife. Well, what to do, she is very much in love.

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