Why did Özge Yağız leave the series The Promise?

The Oath / Yemin series has lost the protagonist

The Oath / Yemin series has lost the protagonist

Fans of the daytime series The Promise / Yemin were unhappy with the departure of the lead actress. Various versions were put forward – she left of her own free will, the script required it. But what really happened and what happens next?

On Friday, May 8, the series The Promise / Yemin made the season finale. Production company Karamel Yapım has confirmed that Özge Yağız, who starred in the show, has left the project. This was not due to the script, but it was the personal desire of the actress, about which she warned the company back in January. The producers wished Özge success in her future work.

Gökberk Demirci, who stars in the series made a new post on Instagram, thanking fans for the love that they gave him. The actor also thanked the team of the series for their support and for being always there. His respect and love for the audience is endless. He will look forward to seeing the audience in the new season.

True, the Turkish media and some fans of the project took this news as confirmation of the relationship between Gökberk and his co-star in the series Özge Yağız, although the actor spoke about the love of the audience.

Apparently, the scriptwriters did not intend to deduce from the narrative the character played by Özge. Next season, another actress will play the personage.

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