Burak Deniz: new series, love and Hazal Kaya

In his last interview, shared details of the accident in which he had been involved, spoke about his former co-star Hazal Kaya, as well as his work on the new series. Well, we found out which show the actor will be on in the fall!

Burak Deniz, who continues to work this summer on the series Unfinished Love, was spotted in the Bebek area with friends and the sweetheart Deniz Dede. By the way, starting in February, the couple live together and seem to have survived quarantine. The actor told reporters about the unpleasant incident that happened to him. Indeed, the accident could have ended very sadly, material damage was caused, which, of course, he compensated for the motorcyclist. His driving license was taken away, so now a friend is picking him up.

Responding to a question from journalists about his pranks with “Our Story” co-star Hazal Kaya, Burak replied that yes, indeed, they had fun and now it seems his turn. Recall that Burak put a photo of Hazal converted into a man with a filter in his WhatsApp profile, and promised to put it on a T-shirt. Hazal laughed and made herself a T-shirt with a photograph of the clean-shaven actor. Now we wait for Burak’s next move.

Regarding the filming of the new series, Burak admitted that he was very pleased to work with Dilan Çiçek Deniz again. He has known the girl for a long time. Of course, there have been serious changes because of the threat of coronavirus. There is a constant disinfection, inspection, an ambulance on duty on the set. Burak hopes that these measures will be sufficient and the shooting will continue in the usual rhythm. However, as it became known, the make-up artist of the project got sick and the shooting was almost canceled. However, the Ministry of Health conducted an investigation and issued a verdict: “Everyone is ok, the shooting can continue.”

Filming of the series Unfinished Love will continue all summer and will end in August. As it became known, Burak Deniz has already received an offer from TIMS & B company to continue cooperation and to star in the new series for the ATV channel Maraşlı. So far, he has not made a decision, but we hope that he will not remain without work in the new season.

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