Ebru Şahin in the middle of a media scandal

Ebru Şahin

Ebru Şahin

The Turkish press attributed the star of the Hercai series Ebru Şahin two affairs and called her a girl of loose moral. Fans of the actress are furious! How will this stand-off end?

Every summer, Turkish stars go on vacation and every summer they are followed by crowds of paparazzi who are ready for anything to take a spicy shot. Better yet, get a full-fledged scandal or present a sensation to their readers: a new love affair of famous people. And if there is no affair, then they can invent it.

This is what happened to Ebru Şahin, who has been credited by journalists with two affairs at once. At first, they announced that she was on the beach at the same time with popular Turkish singer Oğuzhan Koç, which means that they were having an affair. Oğuzhan posted a message on social media, writing, “You don’t believe what you write. Don’t do that.”

A new sensation followed. The press stated that Ebru was dating basketball player Cedi Osman. And a joint vacation in Alaçati is proving that. Except, as it turns out, Ebru and Cedi met in Alaçati and it was just a passing acquaintance and nothing else. The girl hastened to refute the information, asking journalists to respect their profession and make reliable news.

But the scandal did not end there. Tayyar Işıksaçan, the host of the popular website “Flying Bird”, shared his opinion on Ebru’s behavior live, calling her a girl of light behavior who changes men. Fans of the actress became furious and launched the hashtag on Twitter #UçanKuşHaddiniBil (Flying Bird Know Your Place). It was supported not only in Turkey, but also abroad. They demand that the host apologize. The manager of the actress said that he would do everything necessary in this situation, but did not specify what measures he was going to take.

Alas, the Turkish press has never been famous for the accuracy of the information, but even the paparazzi have decency standards that should not be crossed. We hope the host doesn’t get off with a little fright and gets what he deserves.

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