How many episodes will Bay Yanlış / Mr. Wrong TV series have?

Bay Yanlış / Mr. Wrong

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Was the premiere of the TV series Bay Yanlış / Mr. Wrong on Turkish television successful? How many episodes are to be aired? How will this affect ’s future career? We will try to give answers to your questions!

Fans of Can Yaman were looking forward to the release of his new series, Bay Yanlış / Mr. Wrong, and were confident in the high ratings of the project. On the day of the premiere, they held a flash mob on social networks, supporting their favorite actor. However, in Turkey, the flash mob was rather sluggish, not getting into the top twitter, which immediately determined the attitude of the Turkish audience to the project. And the ratings showed this. The show started off very poorly, receiving 2.92 in total and 3.11 in AB.

However, except for the season finale of the series The Ottoman, all the other TV shows show very weak results this season. It seems that Turkish viewers are so tired of staying at home that they just don’t want to spend time in front of the TV. Television channels are very disappointed with such results. However, we recall that the low start of the series is not always a failure. Very often, even the biggest hits of Turkish television began very modestly. Everything will decide the subsequent dynamics.

For the series Bay Yanlış / Mr. Wrong, the situation looks even better than for competitors. As it became known, the project is already bought by foreign channels. In particular, a deal was announced with the Arab conglomerate MBC. And this means that even with very low ratings, the producers will keep the show on the air, hoping to recoup it through subsequent sales. 20 episodes of the project are planned. However, of course, the final word is left to the television channel Fox TV, which will not work at a loss.

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But despite the encouraging information on the number of episodes, for Can Yaman the situation looks very risky. The producers were accustomed to focusing on the Turkish market, and if viewers in Turkey did not accept the actor and the show showed poor results, his career would be in jeopardy.

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