Why did Çağatay Ulusoy grow fat?

The Turkish media, and in particular the tabloid Aksam, continue to fantasize why Çağatay Ulusoy gained extra kilos. Now they claim that it is not for the TV show Barbaros, but in the film about the famous wrestler Koca Yusuf, who, as you know, weighed 110 kilos.

The film was supposed to be shot before the start of work on Barbaros, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, the shooting had to be postponed. Now Çağatay is on a diet and is preparing to return to his usual form for the role of Aruj Barbarossa.

As always with a complete lack of information from the actor and his team, the tabloids have to fantasize and invent the news themselves. We’ll know what Çağatay will be like on the show when he starts shooting. He’s known to lose weight even faster than he’s getting fat, so it won’t take long. And once again, Çağatay’s fans will have to wonder what his character will be?

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