Rating of Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB on July 7, 2020

Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB

Turkish Netflix TV shows in

Last week, the rating of the international movie database IMDB for Turkish Netflix series was determined by the upcoming release of the last season of the series The Protector.

Not surprisingly, the project rose slightly in the searchability rating, continuing to be number one among Turkish Netflix projects.

All other series did not change their positions in the database, however, continues to approach the series The Gift, which so far occupies the last position. Due to the release of the second season of the Beren Saat’s project in September, interest in the Gift should increase.

The rating of the original Turkish Netflix TV series this week is as follows:

🦊 TV shows:

The Protector – 499⬆ (+57)
Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 1180⬇ (-99)
Love 101 – 1617⬇ (-203)
The Gift – 1678⬇ (-236)

🦊 All world film production:

The Protector – 1133⬆ (+250)
Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 3825⬇ (-392)
Love 101 – 5539⬇ (-818)
The Gift – 5754⬇ (-936)

We remind you that the rating in the database is calculated based on the preferences of 250 million regular users of IMDB and is a very serious indicator for producers.

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