Has Çağatay Ulusoy signed an agreement for a new series?

Blogger Dedikoducu Çocuk confirmed that Çağatay Ulusoy is negotiating with Timur Savci to work on the TV series Word of Honor / , but said that this is not the only proposal and there are always a lot of such negotiations for the leading Turkish actors. It is not necessary to assume that he will definitely work in this series. In any case, the shooting of all projects will start in late July – early August, so certainty with the cast will be next week. We are waiting for news.

Another blogger who works on Show TV claims that the channel’s management really wants to get Çağatay. After Feriha and Insider, he became a kind of “talisman” for Show TV. This desire coincides with the desire of the producer Savci, who has long wanted to work with the actor. The main thing now is whether Çağatay will like the script of Eda Tezcan.

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