Çağatay Ulusoy’s new job

Çağatay Ulusoy

Çağatay Ulusoy

Great news for Çağatay Ulusoy’s fans! The actor is not only continuing his successful career in the Turkish entertainment industry, but also venturing into the business world. Soon, the market will see wine from the vineyards of the star.

The first batch of wine, consisting of 5,000 bottles from vineyards owned by Çağatay Ulusoy, is currently in the aging process. Several years ago, Çağatay and his friend Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ purchased vineyard plots in the Tekirdağ region, known as the “wine resort,” to cultivate grapes for their own wine production, following expert recommendations.

According to information from the Hurriyet publication, 5,000 bottles of wine have been produced to date, and they will be aged for one year. Sales will begin in September of the following year. Çağatay will keep 20% of the production for personal use, and 10% will be given to his friends. The remaining portion will be sold in well-known restaurants and hotels in Turkey. At the moment, the wine brand has not been officially named.

It’s worth noting that winemaking is a relatively closed industry with a limited number of market participants. Therefore, the emergence of a new and potentially influential player is an important development for the Turkish wine industry.

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