Who will be the co-star of Cansu Dere?

Who will be the co-star of Cansu Dere?

Who will be the co-star of ?

Cansu Dere became the star of the new series of Medyapim company Dr. Foster, Who will become her co-star in the project? We got to know the details of this promising project!

Medyapim TV company is starting an adaptation for Turkish television of the popular English series Dr Foster. Despite the title, this is not a medical drama, but the story of a woman who faces the betrayal of her closest person, her husband.  The woman who was betrayed is scary in anger – that’s the main message of the show. And when a teenage son is in the middle of a family drama, things can easily get out of hand.

Producer Fatih Aksoy is well known to fans of Turkish TV shows for his successful series, among which there are many adaptations. He created the most popular remakes such as Mother, Woman, Our Story and so, a new attempt to turn the story of the English family into Turkish.

The name of the female star of the project is already known – this is Cansu Dere. The company Medyapim officially announced a contract with the actress. But the actor who will portray the traitor husband on the screen has not yet been found. It has been reported that negotiations are under way with Сaner Сindoruk, Birkan Sokullu and Kaan Urgancıoğlu. The most likely candidate is rumored to be Kaan, who is currently busy filming in the series . If the parties agree, he will be the co-star of Cansu Dere in the project.

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The series Dr. Foster already has two adaptations – Indian and South Korean, and the last “The World of the Married” has become one of the main hits of this year. Whether the Turkish remake will be as successful will time tell.

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