Cancellation of Turkish Netflix series in world news

lost 500 thousand dollars by canceling the series If we knew what we know, but saved face and received a very serious advertisement in one of the most prestigious world editions – Financial Times, which devoted an entire article to this event. The cancellation of the series at the filming stage due to the fact that state bodies intervened in the creative process is a unique case for Netflix and, of course, a reason to once again accuse the Erdogan government of trying to impose its views and values ​​on the entire population of Turkey, without taking into account the views of those citizens who live and think differently.

Following the FT one of the most respected publications about Hollywood, Deadline publishes an article that Netflix has stopped production of the series due to problems with a gay character. After these publications, every self-respecting publication and television channel in the world will certainly make its own news, pointing a finger at the “backward Turks”.

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