Rating of Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB on July 21, 2020

Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB

Turkish Netflix TV shows in

Last week, the IMDB’s ranking for Turkish Netflix series continued to be determined by the premiere of the last season of The Protector.

The series has grown in the ratings, becoming one of the top 100 most wanted TV shows on the international movie database. An excellent result for the fourth and final season. Another successful Turkish project, Rise of Empires: Ottoman, also improved its performance.

But for the series and Love 101 so far, the climb is over, and theyÔÇÖve gone down. However, this is not the final yet, as already in September the new season of The Gift will be released. The new season of Love 101 will be released next year, raising interest in the project.

This week’s ranking of the original Turkish Netflix TV series is as follows:

­čŽŐ Television shows:

The Protector – 94ÔČć (+17)
Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 993ÔČć (+137)
The Gift – 1585ÔČç (-138)
Love 101 – 1660ÔČç (-81)

­čŽŐ All world film production:

The Protector – 133ÔČć (+37)
Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 3131ÔČć (+517)
The Gift – 5381ÔČç (-483)
Love 101 – 5641ÔČç (-207)

We remind you that the rating in the database is calculated based on the preferences of 250 million regular IMDB users and is a very serious indicator for producers.

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