Engin Altan Düzyatan spoke about the TV series Barbaros

was seen in one of the hotels in Istanbul, where he spent some time. Upon leaving the hotel, journalists congratulated him on his new work, asking if it was true that he would star in the TV series . However, instead of confirming the information (recall that the Turkish media reported that he had already signed a contract to work on the series) or simply say that everything is ok, work is progressing, Engin made a rather strange statement.

The actor stated that he was not in a position to clarify this matter. Perhaps an official clarification will be made later, he is not sure. The Turkish press is now racking its brains what this could mean and does it mean that the project has been shelved or did Engin, like Çağatay Ulusoy before him, prefer to “leave the ship”? However, most likely, the actor is just waiting for the official press release of the company and the channel about the start of work on the project and nothing else.

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