Tango of love in the TV series Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlış

Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlış

Mr. Wrong /

Argentine tango performed by and delighted fans of the TV series Mr. Wrong. Who was behind this success and whom did the leading actor Can Yaman thank?

Tango is a dance of love and passion, which they adore to show in movies. The creators of the series Mr Wrong / Bay Yanlış, who included the dance of the main characters in the 7th episode of the project, also did not do without it.  As it became known, during the epidemic, the leading actor, Can Yaman, learned tango from his mother, Güldem Yaman, who left an enthusiastic comment after watching the episode. Mrs. Güldem congratulated her son and his co-star Ozge Gurel on the excellent dance, noting her skill and good work.

But there was also another architect of success – Argentine tango instructor Özgür Sarı. He was the one who put a lot of effort into putting on the dance scene, which was especially noted by Can Yaman’s mother. In turn, the actor published a joint photo of the team, signing it: “Thank you to my mother and Özgür Sarı.”

The series Mr Wrong / Bay Yanlış continues its broadcast on the Turkish television. According to preliminary information, the project will last at least until the end of September.

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