Knock on my door or Mr. Wrong – which show is more popular?

Knock on my door / or Mr Wrong / Bay Yanlış? Kerem Bursin or Can Yaman? Which of this summer’s series has proved more popular with the Turkish viewer and which will continue in the fall television season?

Summer 2020 proved to be quite challenging for  Turkish show business. After several months of quarantine, viewers chose not to spend their time in front of TV screens. However, two TV shows still sparked interest of the audience: Knock on my door / and Mr Wrong / Bay Yanlış. Both projects are shown on the same channel, Fox TV, and the winner of this silent competition will remain on the air in the coming fall season. So which show won the race to survive on the air?

Knock on my door were staying at the top of the ratings during the summer television season, ahead of its competitor. The last episode demonstrated that Turkish viewers enjoyed watching the love story of Serkan Bolat and Eda Yildiz. The 6th episode was up 1% in ratings and has rankings above 7% in both categories – the Total and the AB.

Mr. Wrong, in turn, has been losing viewers with each episode for more than a month, dropping below 5%, which puts Can Yaman’s series in a rather difficult position. There were suggestions that the project could make the final in late September or early October.

What about the Internet? After all, the quarantine caused the Turkish viewer to pay attention to digital platforms that performance has increased significantly. Which of the two summer season series is more popular with Turkish viewers on YouTube? We made a small comparison based only on Turkish YouTube accounts and found out the following:

The number of episodes released

  • Knock on my door  – 6
  • Mr Wrong  – 7

The number of subscribers on the Turkish channel

  • Knock on my door  – 939 thousand
  • Mr Wrong – 684 thousand

Number of views

  • Knock on my door  – 202 million
  • Mr Wrong  – 141 million

Most popular episode

  • Knock on my door  – 10 million views
  • Mr Wrong – 9 million views

Most Popular Promo of the Series

  • Knock on my door  – 5.6 million views
  • Mr Wrong – 2.9 million views

Thus, both on television and on YouTube, the series Knock on my door becomes the absolute winner of the summer competition for the spectator. Time will show whether the project will keep the audience’s interest in the fall television season.

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