Onur Saylak replaces Ozan Güven in The Choice / Babil series

Onur Saylak replaces Ozan Güven

Onur Saylak replaces Ozan Güven

Ozan Güven was forced to leave the cast of The Choice / Babil series. What will happen to his character and what decision did the producers propose in this difficult situation?

Recently, the name of Ozan Güven was mentioned in the Turkish press only in connection with the ugly story with his girlfriend, whom he allegedly beat. The competent authorities will prove the actor’s guilt, but public opinion has already formed and it is unambiguous – such people have no place on television, and especially in popular TV series.

As a result, the producer of the company Ay Yapim Kerem Çatay had to make a very difficult decision. He asked Ozan Güven to leave The Choice / Babil series  “at will”, as there is too much pressure on Ay Yapim from the public and advertisers. The actor agreed to leave the cast of the series, stating that he will not work where he is not welcome. As it turned out, Ozan Güven earned 100 thousand Turkish lira for one episode of the project.

The complexity of the situation is that the character played by Mr Güven is the key to the plot and simply cannot be deduced from the narrative. It was decided to keep the character, but another actor would play him. As a result Onur Saylak, who was supposed to join the TV series The Pit / of the same company, will become new Egemen. Recall that Onur and have already worked together in the popular TV series “Wounded Love”.

Whether the Turkish viewers will accept the replacement and whether the ratings of the series will suffer from this, we will find out very soon. Filming for the new season has already begun.

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