Filming of Turkish TV series has been stopped due to coronavirus!

Turkish TV series

Turkish TV series

Coronavirus strikes back! Right at the start of the season, the filming of all Turkish TV series is in jeopardy. Not only the staff of the film crews was infected, but also the actors loved by many. What is known at the moment?

The filming of the series in Turkey was stopped for almost six months, and now, the beginning of the new season is again under threat. According to the official statement of the trade union of film and television workers, which was also confirmed by Ay Yapim 8 cases of coronavirus infection were detected during a routine check on the set of the Netflix series Love 102, which is carried out every day.

Five employees of the film crew confirmed the diagnosis. Three actors also were infected: Kubilay Aka, and Ipek Filiz Yazici. The entire team is currently undergoing additional tests. As a security measure, Ay Yapim has suspended filming of all its series (The Choice, Call my agent, Bonfire of Destiny). The test results should be received today or tomorrow, and if the result is negative work will continue.

As it became known, the analysis did not reveal the infection on the set of The Pit / Çukur series, so it was decided to continue working. Of course, the character of Kubilay Aka will have to be removed from the plot until the actor is fully recovered. Also, work on the TIMS & B series Maraşlı has been stopped until the recovery of the leading actress Alina Boz. Since Alina contacted all the actors of ATV channel TV series on the set of the TV commercial, the film crews of the series The Ottoman, Bitter Lands, The Bandits and Eh, youth will undergo an additional test. Filming of the actors of the series was carried out in Mardin and nothing threatens them.

Until Thursday, work on the filming of the series New Life was stopped, since Ipek Filiz Yazici worked simultaneously in two projects. Considering that many actors and film crews work in two shows at once, or even more, checks are carried out on the sets of Knock on My Door, Mister Wrong, Teacher and others.

The actors report that they feel well and are being treated at home. Kubilay Aka even joked: “This virus doesn’t know who it’s dealing with. Calm down!”

As this example has shown, if proper security measures are not followed, the entire Turkish show business is at risk. After all, actors communicate with agents, extras, technical staff, fashion designers, etc. We hope that the measures taken will be effective and there will be no more cases.


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