Wedding Date Set for Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen

Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen

Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen

Birsen Altuntaş announces the wedding date of Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen and reveals that the celebrity couple’s wedding banquet will be prepared by chef Somer.

Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen, whose relationship stunned the public, are turning their five months of romance into a wedding celebration scheduled for December 2.

According to the journalist’s information, the wedding ceremony will take place in a small family circle. After the main part of the wedding for 90 guests at Umut’s club, an after-party will be held. For the newlyweds, who purchased their wedding dress and engagement rings in Paris, a special wedding reception is planned, hosted by Chef Somer Sivrioglu. He will also prepare a special menu for the wedding banquet.

The couple, who have not yet decided on witnesses, have entrusted the organization of the wedding to a company and will form a guest list after returning from their vacation in Paris. It is known that the newlyweds, opting for simple invitations, intend to choose witnesses from among their friends. It is noted that Umut Evirgen’s parents, businessman Kemal Evirgen and Ahu Evirgen, have developed a fondness for Alina Boz, the future bride, and wish the marriage to take place as soon as possible. It is also interesting to see if Alina Boz will return to the set after the wedding.

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