Fancy Scarecrow: the cancellation is out of the question

Fancy Scarecrow / Süslü Korkuluk

Fancy Scarecrow / Süslü Korkuluk

The situation with the series Fancy Scarecrow / Süslü Korkuluk is not clear and raises a lot of questions from fans of the stars of the project. Why is one of the most anticipated TV shows of this season in this position? The reason is simple – money.

According to the well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, negotiations on the broadcast of the series Fancy Scarecrow / Süslü Korkuluk are ongoing. The main problem is the high cost of production, exceeding 2 million Turkish liras per episode due to the high fees of the actors involved in the project. Negotiations are underway with channels and digital platforms. In recent days, it has been reported that Netflix is interested in the show.

Producer Onur Güvenatam assured the actors that the series would not be canceled and asked them to wait while negotiations were underway, there was no question of canceling the project. On the other hand, the owner of the TV8 channel, Acun Ilicali, met with the producer of OGM Pictures, Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, and it was possible that the parties would still agree on broadcasting the series on TV8.

It should be noted that it is economically more profitable for the producer to air the series on television and then sell it abroad to each country separately. However, private TV channels are now in a rather difficult economic situation, and they cannot buy such expensive shows. On the conservative state TV channel, which has money, it is hardly possible to show a series about the dirty side of the fashion industry.

However, there is always an option with digital platforms. Not only Netflix, but also Disney Plus is interested in the show. True, in this case, it will no longer be possible to sell the series abroad, so for now the producer is still trying to find a TV channel to broadcast.

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