Did Burak Deniz quarrel with his beloved?

Did Burak Deniz quarrel with his beloved?

Did quarrel with his beloved?

The Turkish press informed its readers that the leading actor in the TV series Maraşli had caused a scandal with his beloved, in which the police intervened. However, is this true and what really happened?

The publication Akşam reports that Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan had a huge fight. After seeing the photos of her boyfriend with Alina Boz in the Şamdan Plus magazine, Didem went crazy with jealousy and refused to let Burak home. However, he was persistent and began to break down the door. In response to the noise and screams, the neighbors called the police. A close friend of the couple, Umut Ecker, also came running. According to eyewitnesses, Didem shouted to him that Burak got into character so that now in life he is always next to Alina, and this angers her. In the end, the police reassured the couple, and they all split up. Whether the relationship between Burak and Didem will continue after such a scandal is not known.

As soon as Didem Soydan saw the reports about her alleged quarrel with Burak Deniz in the Turkish media, she immediately decided to make a live broadcast right from her bed. The girl said that the only truth in this story is that she and Burak are together. The rest is “the more lies, the easier it is to believe, the less evidence is required”.

Alas, the Turkish press, as always, does not shy in any way to attract attention. And this is not the first time when journalists talk about the complex character of Burak Deniz, but then their information turns out to be fake.

This was also the case on previous filming in the series Our Story, when journalists claimed that Burak was having a scandal with his co-star Hazal Kaya. A year and a half after the end of the project, the allegedly scandalous actor continues to be friends with his former co-star, thus completely disproving the previous gossip. But the journalists immediately came up with new ones.

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