When will the series The Trusted / Maraşlı make its finale?

The Trusted / Maraşlı

The Trusted / Maraşlı

Sad news for fans of Burak Deniz and Alina Boz. The Trusted / Maraşlı series, which aired every Monday on ATV, is making its finale. When will the last episode be released, and what are the further plans of the stars of the project?

The Trusted / Maraşlı series, which started on ATV this season, has attracted fans of Turkish TV shows with its thoughtful plot and excellent cast. Alas, after the scriptwriter of the project, Ethem Ozisik, began to work in parallel on the series of TRT1 Organization, the ratings went down. As a result, the channel’s management made a rather non-standard decision. The series will end on Episode 26, July 12.

Typically, main season TV shows run for summer hiatus in May-June, and it is unusual to extend the series until July. However, this will allow a logical conclusion to the story. In addition, Ethem Ozisik has already completed work on the first season of the series Organization and can fully devote himself to the series The Trusted. Which means the story will end as interesting as it started.

The date of departure to Italy of Burak Deniz, who will play a role in Ferzan Ozpetek’s TV series Ignorant fairies / Cahil Periler, will be determined according to the filming schedule of The Trusted.

Also, the actor has already received an offer from TIMS & B to become a co-star of Serenay Sarikaya in the TV series Şahmeran, the filming of which should start at the end of summer in Adana. If he accepts the offer, he will become the new partner of Serenay Sarikaya instead of Barış Arduç, who left the cast. Recall that the actors have already worked together in the TV series Tide / Medcezir, where Burak starred in a small role, while Serenay was the leading actress of the project. Whether Burak Deniz will agree to work with Serenay in the show, we will find out very soon.

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