Gold Film boasts a record that does not exist

Gold Film

Gold Film

The Gold Film company, and after it the journalist Birsen Altuntas, published information that the last episode of the Daydreamer series was watched by 3 million viewers with a 20.4% share, and this is an absolute record for Italian television. The series Mr. Wrong also has excellent indicators – 2 and a half million viewers and 18.9% share.

Unfortunately, Faruk Turgut’s company just lied. And Birsen Altuntas once again proved that friendship with the producer are more important for her than checking the information he gives. In fact, the latest episode of The Daydreamer was watched by 1 million 877 thousand viewers with an 18.2% share.

There is no need to talk about any “records” at all. The Italians call the ratings of the latest episode of The Daydreamer and the first episode of the series Mr. Wrong “disappointing.” Note that the series The Daydreamer was very successful in Italy, albeit without records, why the production company needed to undermine its own success with its lies is not entirely clear.

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