Çağatay Ulusoy in the new Netflix film “Mücadele Çıkmazı”

Mücadele Çıkmazı

Mücadele Çıkmazı

Netflix wouldn’t let Çağatay Ulusoy go! This time, the Turkish superstar will appear in a completely unusual image: he will play the role of garbage man and father of a small child in the new Netflix movie.

The success of Turkish film production on Netflix is no longer in doubt. The world audience very warmly received the series The Gift, The Rise of the Empires: Ottoman, Love 101. The series The Protector and the film Miracle in cell N 7 became popular all over the world.

Not surprisingly, the platform’s management is betting on the development of Turkish content. This was personally announced by the owner of the largest streaming broadcasting service Reed Hastings in his last interview with Variety magazine. Mr. Hastings revealed the strategy for the further development of the company and, in particular, announced that they are going to become the largest producer of video content in Turkey. The fact that Mr. Hastings singled out exactly Turkey made all fans of Turkish TV shows happy. It looks like Netflix is ​​ready to invest heavily in production.

And the confirmation of these words followed immediately. On Tuesday, September 8, during the broadcasting of the popular TV series Call My Agent, the guest star of the show Çağatay Ulusoy personally presented his new project – the film Deadlock of Struggle / Mücadele Çıkmazı. Immediately after that, Netflix officially announced the premiere of the film only on the platform. The marketing move with the presentation of the movie of one company in the series of another company looks unexpected and very daring. It showed how much importance the platform attached to the future release, and how much money was invested in advertising the project.

The Deadlock of Struggle is the brainchild of Çağatay Ulusoy, who is the executive producer of the film for OGM Pictures. The actor had been hatching the idea of ​​the movie for several years and finally, this summer, received approval for shooting and the considerable budget from Netflix. The film is dedicated to the everyday life of a garbage collector, who, despite all the difficulties, does not lose optimism and tries to give the best to his little son.

That the platform’s management took the film seriously is indicated by the invitation of Can Ulkay to direct the movie. We remind you that in the master’s portfolio there are two hits, which are among the top ten most popular Turkish films ever – Ayla and Muslum. The screenwriter Ercan Mehmet Erdem is also the author of one of the best detective Turkish series Behzat Ç.

New Turkish Netflix movie will be released in 2021. Previously, there was information that most likely in February, but no official confirmation has yet been received.

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