The book of Bugra Glusoy “The Second Apocalypse” is on sale soon

The Second Apocalypse / Birinci Kıyamet

The Second Apocalypse / Birinci Kıyamet

The star of the series Awakening: The Great Seljuks / Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu is not only a wonderful actor, but also a talented writer. His book The First Apocalypse / İkinci Kıyamet aroused the keen interest of readers and in a few days the continuation of this exciting story – The Second Apocalypse / Birinci Kıyamet will be released. The book tells about the fate of the boxer Sabri Mahir, who lives the history of different countries from the Ottoman Empire to Hitler’s Germany, meets with outstanding people of his era from Marlene Dietrich to Bertolt Brecht’. As it became known, international digital platforms wishing to adapt the novel are seriously interested in acquiring the rights to the work of the writer and actor.

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