Leyla Everlasting / 9 Kere Leyla – new Netflix movie

Leyla Everlasting / 9 Kere Leyla

Leyla Everlasting / 9 Kere Leyla

On December 4, will release the film Leyla Everlasting / 9 Kere Leyla starring , Demet Akbağ, Elçin Sangu, Fırat Tanış and Alican Yücesoy as Netflix Original. Recall that the film was intended to be shown in cinemas, but after cinemas in Turkey were quarantined, the creators chose to sell the movie Netflix.

One marriage, two loves, three troubles, nine times Leyla. Mr. Adem is ready to divorce his wife Leyla in order to reunite with his mistress Nergis. However, the divorce turns out to be too troublesome. And Nergis does not want to wait, so he has to act in unconventional ways. In addition, Mr. Adem has problems with Mr. Mahdum, who is looking for antiquities, and with the lawyer Haris, who is obsessed with jealousy.

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