Kerem Bürsin: “I’m not a golden boy”

In his last interview with Hürriyet magazine Kerem Bürsin explained how he felt about popularity, the acting profession, love, and the relationship with his co-star Hande Erçel. He also said he didn’t consider himself a “golden boy”.

When asked what he thought of the popularity that had befallen him after the success of “Knock on my door,” the actor stated that he did not get out of bed in the morning thinking, “How popular I am!” He’s always thinking about getting better at acting, which can be improved on the work to be done. He doesn’t know what the word “superstar” even means. First of all, he’s an actor.

There are a lot of people who are much prettier than him. The last thing he cares about is how he looks. And he’s definitely not a golden boy. He doesn’t think he’s a womanizer, he’s pretty sure he’s not a womanizer. To him, sex appeal is self-confidence when you’re standing on your own two feet. If you’re in harmony with the inner world, it affects your looks.

He was raised to confront inequality, not stand and stare. If he sees sexism in the script, he simply says he won’t play. And in general, it is strange that many perceive respect for women as some kind of virtue. After all, this is completely normal, every person should behave this way.

When asked if he is in love with his co-star on the Knock on My Door series, Hande Erçel Kerem replied negatively: “There is no love. We have not known each other before. When you start working with popular actors you don’t know, you always think about what will happen. But Hande pleasantly surprised me. She has amazing energy.”

Kerem believes in love, but nowadays it is very difficult to love. Before, in the days of our grandparents, everything was much simpler. In those days, people had enough time to love. Now they have completely different concerns. But so far he has not fallen madly in love, although he really wants to. There is no one in his life at the moment.

Kerem Bürsin believes that a real actor should be able to play everything – both light summer comedy and heavy drama. He does not intend to linger in the genre that has brought him success. Fans of the actor look forward to his new works, which will surely surprise them.

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