Can Yaman challenges the coronavirus

Can Yaman is once again in the midst of controversy because of his lifestyle. Some believe that the actor has the right to spend his free time as he pleases, others point to the bad example he sets for his fans. What happened?

Can Yaman has never concealed his attraction to nightlife and is not going to give up this habit, despite the threat of a coronavirus that hangs over everyone. After the final of the series Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlış, the actor returned to a joyful time in Istanbul’s nightclubs.

The Turkish press reports that Can Yaman has challenged the coronavirus. The actor, known for his great love of nightlife and various clubs, was having fun in one of the clubs in Ortaköy. When the establishment closed at midnight, he went to an underground Halloween party at the club in Kuruçeşme. Can took some photos with fans without fear of a coronavirus.

Clubs in Turkey are supposed to close at midnight due to the threat of an epidemic, so it’s not surprising that the police eventually came to the party and dispersed the crowd. Can left the party on the boat so as not to get caught by the paparazzi, who arrived even earlier than the police. True, the journalists managed to catch the actor at 04:50 at the entrance to his apartment, but Can did not answer their questions.

Many social media users reproach Can for his carelessness and point out that he should set an example to his fans and warn them of the dangers of such gatherings, rather than participating in them with threats to his own health. Time will tell whether the actor will listen to these words.

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