A Memento for Istanbul – new OGM Pictures series

A Memento for Istanbul / İstanbul Hatırası

A Memento for Istanbul / İstanbul Hatırası

The most successful TV company on the market this season is OGM Pictures, which shoots the series Apartment of the Innocents, The Red Room, My Home My Destiny, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s TV series “The Story of a Submarine”, the third season of the Netflix series “The Gift” starring and the new film of Çağatay Ulusoy “Struggle Alley”, begins the development of another TV show A Memento for Istanbul / İstanbul Hatırası based on the book by Ahmet Umit.

This is a detective novel in which the history of Istanbul is intertwined with modernity. The main character of the story is Commissioner Nevzat, who also appeared in other novels of the writer. Note that the novels are very popular and Commissioner Nevzat in Turkey is very popular. The writer’s books were adapted for the screen twice. In one of the film adaptations, this role was played by Ugur Yücel, in the other by Çetin Tekindor. Naturally, after the announcement of a new film adaptation, Turkish social networks were overwhelmed with guesses who this time would get the honor of embodying the legendary character on the screen.

The script was written by Ozan Yurdakul, who is the largest detective genre specialist in Turkey. It is he who writes the script for the most popular police series Dangerous Streets, which already has 15 seasons. A Memento for Istanbul will be released on a digital platform in 2021.

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