Danla Bilic in Serenay Sarıkaya out?

Danla Bilic in Serenay Sarıkaya out?

Danla Bilic in out?

The Turkish press is overwhelmed with information that Serenay Sarıkaya has lost a major advertising contract. What happened and who replaced the star?

Serenay Sarıkaya’s contract with Head & Shoulders has been completed. The actress announced this by publishing a farewell post on her Instagram. The new face of the company is the social phenomenon Danla Bilic.

The Turkish media was quick to announce that Serenay had lost her appeal to advertisers and was replaced by a more popular star. However, Danla denied the information that she took the place of Serenay in the shampoo advertisement. She really became the social face of the brand, but this is a different project that has nothing to do with advertising on television. She is the brand ambassador for social media.

Thus, the name of the actress who will replace Serenay in the main shampoo advertisements on TV and in stores is still not known. Let us remind you that the company was negotiating with Aslihan Karalar, but apparently they ended with no result. Perhaps the managers felt that the actress was not well-known enough to represent their brand. As a rule, in opposition to the competitor Pantene, the company prefers to conclude an agreement with blondes.

So who will be the next star for Head & Shoulders? What plans does Serenay Sarıkaya have? Will she return to screens and when? We will find out about all this in the very near future.

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