Serenay Sarıkaya and Umut Evirgen: Love or Revenge?

Serenay Sarıkaya and Umut Evirgen: Love or Revenge?

and Umut Evirgen: Love or Revenge?

The names of Serenay Sarıkaya, Umut Evirgen and Çağatay Ulusoy are again on the pages of the Turkish press. What sensations have Turkish tabloids prepared for readers, and how trustworthy they can be?

A short time ago, the Turkish media debated extensively whether Serenay Sarıkaya were dating the famous restaurateur and novice director Umut Evirgen. Recall that Umut earlier dated and Melisa Şenolsun, so the news of his new “victory” did not cause much surprise. However, soon after, Serenay personally denied the information and the noise seemed to have subsided, but it turned out to be short-lived.

According to one of the paparazzi, Umut personally confessed to him that he was dating Serenay. Then this news was confirmed by the well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas. She claims that the restaurateur does not want to leave his beloved for a long time. On the weekend, he went to Adana, where the couple had fun in the Jolly Joker club, where singer Serkan Kaya came to perform. The lovers had a lovely time listening to romantic songs coming from the stage. The shooting of the series Şahmaran, starring Serenay Sarıkaya, has continued in Adana for a month.

However, this whole story would not be complete if the name of the superstar had not been brought to light once again. Of course, we are talking about Çağatay Ulusoy. This time, the journalist of the tabloid Takvim wonders if Umut Evirgen seeks to avenge. He reminds his readers of an old fake story that Çağatay allegedly stole the script of the film Paper Lives from Umut. And that’s why Mr Evirgen is now claiming revenge on Çağatay by dating his former girlfriend.

Note that everyone watched the films Paper Lives, and I am sea but did not find any similarities. Çağatay and Serenay always denied  that they had ever dated, but the press does not care at all. Evirgen gave them food for gossip, and since he is not very interesting for journalists, since he is only the director of unsuccessful films that fail one after another on Netflix and box office, there is no way to sell the news without Çağatay.

According to rumors, Serenay is currently in talks to star in a television series due to air next year. Turkish journalists are wondering if this is an attempt to attract attention, to remind of oneself in such a simple way, and at the same time to increase the price for her work.

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