Tuba Büyüküstün is a star of her lover’s movie

Turkey’s main tabloid newspaper Takvim reports that has completely plunged into love life, supporting the career of her beloved Umut Evirgen. Recall that the actress became his partner in the restaurant business and even took part in the design of a new businessman’s restaurant. In turn, Mr. Evirgen successfully enjoys the fame of his beloved, taking steps to the cinema. As it became known, he gets another higher education in the film sphere and makes a short film for his thesis, in which Tuba played the main role. The restaurateur’s ambitions turned out to be quite significant; he would not only present his work to his teachers but also show it at various festivals, hoping for the same success as the previous sweetheart of the actress: director and actor Onur Saylak. Recall that Tuba also starred in the films of her former husband.

When, finally, Tuba decides to come back to her main profession and returns to the series is not yet known. The actress herself confessed a little earlier that she was ready to act in an Internet project, but so far she has not been attracted to TV series on television.

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