Çağatay Ulusoy’s career in 2020 reached a new level

Çağatay Ulusoy  is considered one of the most successful Turkish actors. Despite the pandemic and the quarantine, 2020 proved to be a remarkably fruitful year for the actor. So what happened in the star’s career? We will highlight only the most important points:

  • The release of the last two seasons of The Protector, which reached the top 10 of Netflix worldwide, including the United States. The Turkish actor finally confirmed his status as an international star.
  • Shooting in the Netflix movie Struggle Alley and announcement of the premiere date (March 15, 2021). Curiously, this is the first announcement of the Netflix movie’s premier for the next year.
  • Guest starring on Call My Agent, where Çağatay’s Netflix movie was announced.
  • Signing a contract to work on the series “” for the digital platform Blu TV in 2021. Filming for the series begins in a few days.
  • Signing a contract to work on the Amazon series “”, which is being prepared by the Hollywood company Wild Sheep Content. Çağatay will also be the executive producer of the project.
  • Presentation of the wax figure of the first Protector of Istanbul, Harun, at Madame Tussauds.

As you know, Çağatay never announces his plans ahead of time. Perhaps there are several more projects in his portfolio, but we will only find out about them when work begins. We just have to be patient and follow the development of events.

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