Hande Erçel said goodbye to Murat Dalkılıç

The Turkish press continues to discuss the relationship between Murat Dalkılıç and Hande Erçel. This time, the girl decided to finally get rid of the burden of the past, breaking off the last ties with her former boyfriend. What prompted her to take this step?

Hande Erçel drew a definitive line in the story of her relationship with singer Murat Dalkılıç by unfollowing him on Instagram. Business relationship with her ex-boyfriend is also broken – Hande left a joint animation project about the adventures of the little elephant, it has become known that Murat will make this film alone.

According to Turkish bloggers, the reason why Hande Erçel made such a tough decision was because Murat was hysterical on social media. At first, he unfollowed Acun Ilicali for inviting Hande and Kerem Bursin to the New Year’s program Voice of Turkey / O Ses Türkiye Yılbaşı. Then he unfollowed his friends, who were also friends with Hande and Kerem. Noticing so much of Murat’s nervous reaction, Hande chose to  dot the T’s and unfollowed him.

Thus, Hande Erçel finally cut Murat Dalkılıç out of her life, making it clear to everyone that there would be no return to the past. Who will be the new chosen one of the star and when she lets new love into her heart, we will find out at the right time.

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