Erkan Özerman: “I did not find Burak Özçivit in the trash”

Erkan Özerman

Erkan Özerman

The organizer and constant host of the Best Model of Turkey competition Erkan Özerman explained his strange phrase that he pulled out of the trash. Actually, the story was a little different.

As Mr. Özerman explained, he was in Paris and the preliminary selection for the model competition was conducted by his assistants, eliminating candidates they considered unsuitable. All the rejected candidates were put in a large box. However, Mr. Özerman decided to check this box and found Burak Özçivit’s dossier, which he really liked. He decided to admit the young man to participate in the competition, which he won. Everything else has already become history: starting with a modeling career, has turned into a leading actor in Turkey. But still, Erkan did not find his photo in the trash …

Why Mr. Özerman decided to recall this story now is not entirely clear. However, many indicate that the importance of the Best Model of Turkey competition has significantly diminished recently. The time when winners were Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Burak Özçivit or Çağatay Ulusoy passed.

It seems that Mr. Özerman is simply trying to promote his brainchild by raising interest in the event with high-profile names. However, alas, few people care about past achievements. New times dictate new rules and who will become the superstar of the Turkish screen is now decided by social networks and digital platforms.

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