Vogue magazine examines the unprecedented success of Paper Lives

Paper Lives / Kağıttan Hayatlar

Paper Lives / Kağıttan Hayatlar

The film Paper Lives / Kağıttan Hayatlar made a very strong impression on Hispanic audiences. The Mexico and Latin America edition of Vogue devoted a long article to a new project by Turkish filmmakers called “Paper Lives – A Turkish Film in which You Meet Yourself”, reporting that in Mexico the film became the most watched on all streaming platforms in this month.

At first glance, the film looks like a story about love for one’s neighbor, about how a kind person protects a child whom he found on the street. However, Ercan Mehmet Erdem’s scenario goes much deeper. It is dedicated to childhood traumas and our subconsciousness, our inner child, how grievances suffered in childhood affect us in adulthood.

And it does not disappoint, impressing our minds and hearts with unexpected twists and turns and lessons that we thought we didn’t need, but they turn out to be a cure for childhood traumas that we did not even know about. is one of those Turkish actors you just have to know. Paper Lives is a Turkish film that cannot be said no and skipped. The movie available on is the call of your inner child, whom you avoid or ignore. But if you pay attention to it, your adult “I” will be infinitely grateful (and your friends).

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