Serenay Sarıkaya will earn a fortune?

Turkish tabloid Takvim reports that Serenay Sarıkaya has renewed her contract with the Mavi brand for 4 million Turkish lira, portraying it as a great success for the actress, who has been on the agenda lately only with her turbulent personal life. At the same time, they add that the contract of Kıvanç Tatlıtug is 7 million Turkish lira. Also, the journalists did not forget to mention that the cost of the contract for the new digital series srarring Serenay with the producer amounted to 400 thousand Turkish lira per episode (which is very doubtful).

Note that in 2017, Serenay signed a contract with Mavi for 2 million Turkish lira, but then the ratio of the dollar to the Turkish lira was 0.28. Now it has dropped to 0.12. Thus, despite the increase in pay, the actress lost the income that she had before.

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