Netflix named countries where Turkish TV series are watched

According to Pelin Mavili, Strategic Development Director of Turkey, in an interview with Milliyet, they can single out 20 countries with the largest number of viewers of Turkish TV series on the platform. Among them are the USA, Argentina, France, India, Saudi Arabia. She confirmed the company’s intention to open its own film studio in Turkey, and also said that Netflix is ​​particularly celebrating the results of two original projects: Fatma’s TV series starring Burcu Biricik hit the top 10 in 36 countries, while Çağatay Ulusoy’s film “Paper Lives” was in the top 10 in 47 countries.

Artanç Savas, Director of Communications at Netflix, noted that Netflix promotes viewing of television and film productions in its native language, having recently launched a company called “watching with subtitles”. Now every second viewer who watches Turkish TV series and films abroad prefers subtitles. In addition, it greatly increased the audience’s interest in learning Turkish.

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