The outdoor shooting of the series The Brothers Barbarossa / Barbaroslar began

The Brothers Barbarossa / Barbaroslar

The Brothers Barbarossa /

According to Birsen Altuntas, the shooting of the series The Brothers Barbarossa / on the sea has begun. They will take place in Marmaris and Antalya. The scriptwriter of the series is Mustafa Burak Dogu, who previously worked on the series Unnamed, Tozkoparan, the Higher, and was also a member of the scriptwriters team of the Resurrection Erutgurul series (it seems that the scriptwriters’ team was changed once again). Director Dogan Umit Karaca worked on the series Behzat C., Valley of Wolves, The Last Emperor. The director of the project is excellent, it remains to be hoped that the scriptwriter will also be on the level.

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