The Pit / Çukur: scandal in the finale?

The Pit / Çukur

The Pit / Çukur

Who would have thought that there would be a scandal with the participation of the stars of the project on the set of one of the most successful TV series of the last 4 years, The Pit / Çukur? What happened, and why are Turkish social networks discussing not the finale, but the scandal in the finale?

The Çukur series is over, but instead of a slight sadness, fans have doubts. The finale turned out to be completely non-epic from the point of view of the organization, Ay Yapim company did not express much desire to promote the latest episodes, which featured a lot of advertising. The leading actors did not even invite viewers to watch the latest episode. The scriptwriter and creator of the project Gokhan Horzum did not appear at the gala concert on the occasion of the final of the project. No one said good-bye to their characters, although it’s customary to do that. There were no farewell photos from the company either. Aras Bulut İynemli has unfollowed Ay Yapim’s producer almost immediately. Not surprisingly, Turkish social media is rocked by rumors that something happened on the set of Çukur. So serious that it affected the show’s finale.

Looks like three weeks ago, when they took a week off, something happened. Perhaps the producers did not like the fact that the leading actors and the film crew did not renew their contracts as they expected to use the old team on the set of the new series Üç Kuruş. As they say in any conflict, it’s either a woman or money. Since a quarrel over a woman in Çukur is unlikely, only the conflict over new contracts remains.

As always, we can only guess what happened behind the scenes. This is the third high-profile scandal with the finale this season (the series Hercai and Awakening: The Great Seljuks were not the best example).

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