Rating of Turkish Digital TV shows in IMDB on July 20, 2021

Atiye / The Gift

Atiye / The Gift

This week, the position of Turkish digital projects in the international movie database IMDB was still determined by the release of the last season of the series Atiye / The Gift, which is on the 726th position among all television series in the world. A gradual loss of interest in the project is completely normal, viewers switch to new TV shows. As the series is completed, it will gradually lose ground in the base ratings.

The Protector is a happy exception to this rule. Despite the fact that the first season was released three years ago, and the last one a year ago, it continues to arouse interest among the world viewer, without giving up its position. We also note an increase in interest in the future Netflix project The Submarine Story. However, this is not surprising, because one of the main favorites of lovers of Turkish shows all over the world, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, stars in the series.

Positions in IMDB for digital projects this week were distributed as follows:

✨The Gift – 726⬇
📍The Protector – 1549⬇
📍Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 1914⬇
📍Ethos – 2128⬇
📍Fatma – 2373⬇
📍Love 101 – 2476⬇
📍50m2 – 4084⬇
📍Yesilçam – 4838⬇
📍Submarine Story – 4974⬆

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